About Peacepilgrim100

who we are

Egg Harbor City youths participate in the annual Intergenerational Walk for Peace held each year during the Peace Pilgrim Celebration.

Based in Peace Pilgrim's birthplace, Egg Harbor City, New Jersey, our committee works to keep her message alive by sharing her life and work in the community where she was born and raised.

The organization was formed in 2007 to celebrate what would have been Peace Pilgrim's 100th birthday. The group held an annual celebration for 10 years that included an intergenerational walk for peace and potluck picnic. In 2018, the group decided to take a quieter path to peace and will celebrate her birthday, July 18 with a potluck picnic in Peace Pilgrim Park. 

We are affiliated with the International Friends of Peace Pilgrim, an organization that continues to spread Peace Pilgrim's message here and around the world. Visit peacepilgrim.org to learn more.